Terms & Conditions

By joining our online Zoom Ballers classes you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions: 

Parents must register their children for each individual class they wish to attend using the ZoomBallers.com website.

Those attending can only be aged 5-15.

All lessons will take place on Zoom and have a meeting ID & password for entry. Do not share meeting details or passwords publicly or on social media, even in ‘closed’ groups. Simply do not share with anyone.

Participants must never try to share their screen. Only Coach Gav can do this

Devices must remain on mute throughout the session, except at the very end when everyone is welcome to shout goodbye!

Videos must be on so we can see who is behind the screen. You can choose to point this at your child with them in full view or even just at their feet/legs.

If videos are not switched on, you will not be able to participate in the session.

Parents and guardians are encouraged and welcomed to join in with their children but no adults are to be on full view of the screen at anytime.

All lessons must take place on a secure wifi connection.

Lessons must take place in a suitable location such as a kitchen, living room or office where there is a small space to play, move and pass a ball against.

It is the responsibility of the parent to carry out a risk assessment of the child’s space and to make sure the child is wearing footwear suitable for the type of flooring.

Children remain under the responsibility of a parent or guardian while Zoom Baller sessions take place. Parents must always be in eyesight and ear shot of their child whilst they are attending a session.

Children attending need to keep well hydrated so must have water nearby to drink during rest breaks.

Bookings for all sessions must be made a least 2 hours prior to the session starting.

Sessions will be loaded 1 week at a time so make sure you follow us on instagram and facebook

to hear as soon as they go live.